In order to access your Aspen account, you must first check your STUDENT email, the one that starts of with a list of numbers followed by Then check for an email titled “Aspen Student Portal Account” sent by

          Click on the link ! This link is important and for future attempts to get onto aspen you must make sure you are using the link with winchester in it, otherwise you will get an error message.

After you have made it to the link, use the username and password provided from the email to input into the login screen. Make sure you copy these words exactly.

  • The username is ONLY the numbers from your student email DO NOT include
  • The password given in the email is a temporary password, and after its first input, it will not be able to be used again and will prompt you to make a new password. This password will be your new password required to log in. We would recommend writing this down so that you know that it has been changed and to what it has been changed to.

After that, you have successfully logged into Aspen.

For any of the other times that you want to log into Aspen you must make sure you are following the right criteria:

  1. You are on the correct website!
  2. You are only using your student email numbers, not the full email as your username!
    I.e. Username: 1708234
  3. You are using the new password that you have made and not the one that was given to you in your email!


If you have made sure that you are following all of the criteria stated above and there are still problems,  then contact an administrator so that you can get into your Aspen account.